Dance Show

As an events and premium entertainment company, we have the privilege to manage some jaw dropping events for you and one of them is the Dance Show. This Dance Show in Dubai is all about Belly Dancing. Belly dancing is an expressive dance which emphasizes complex movements of the torso. Basically it is a Middle Eastern Folk Dance and has evolved to take many different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style. Showcasing the best belly dancing talent from around the world, we offer a variation of Oriental dance performances that will make your event something to remember.

Belly dance is a non-impact, weight-bearing exercise and is thus suitable for all ages. We offer Indian dance, Russian Dance, Spanish Dance, Egyptian Dance, Khaliji Dance and many more that will lift your heart from the ground and make you feel like you are floating with them. We can provide you best dance performances that will entertain you to the next level.

The dance basically involves movements of many different parts of the body usually in a circular way. There are different movements that are involved in Belly Dancing such as Percussive Movements, Fluid Movements, Shimmies, shivers and vibrations. These movements are shown by our talented belly dancers in lights and colors, the dancers are dressed up in special colorful shimmery costumes which will double your entertainment. Our dancers give extraordinary performances which are a true demonstration of happiness, lights and colors.

So if you are looking forward for some tremendous jaw dropping belly dances that the Belly Dance in Dubai by Gulf Entertainers join us today and don’t miss out on the opportunity!