Mime Show

Mime show in Dubai is all about the art of actions, gestures and emotionally interacting with people without using speech. Mime performers usually use a lot of music and expressions for conveying their message to the audience. A mime can and cannot have objects depending on what kind of story you’re trying to tell the viewers. Through the power of movement, mime performers say all the things that words cannot express.

Mime show in Dubai is seen almost everywhere. The passion to entertain audience is one the best things about Dubai. Mime can be performed on stage and street and in Dubai Mimes are seen on both. Mime usually includes a story that the performers try to tell through their motions. Mimes take a particular set of skills. Not everyone can do it but those who can, do it so cleanly that they are pleasing to the eye.

There are different kinds of mimes performances in Dubai. Some of them include nothing but an actor performing without any words or music, just telling a story, kind of like a silent comedy. This doesn’t include any props; the artist uses only his body movement to tell a story. Some mimes include musical effects to explain a situation. And on stage, there is a use of multi colored lights according to a specific situation. Certain mimes also include dancing. Through dance, the performers smoothly tell a whole story and get the attention of the viewers.

Mimes can send very strong and powerful message especially in a country like Dubai where entertainment has a high value. Mimes tell us the real beauty of body movements and how beautifully they can say so many words and leave people with a thought provoking spirit. Mimes tell us the true meaning of “Actions speak louder than words”. These are the kind of entertainments that leave a large impact on the audience. And if you are looking forward to some jaw dropping performances then this mime show by Gulf Entertainers should not be missed!