Walking Table

The walking table in Dubai is basically a woman who has a table wrapped around her bottom and serves to the guests. These women are beautifully dressed and they serve all kinds of things such as food or liquor to the guests who are present at a particular event. Their beauty and this new technique of art to serve guests has caught the attention of many people. Bringing in something new to keep the guests or audience at an event engaged is one way to entertain people.

These walking tables are decorated in such a way that they please the eyes aesthetically. In Dubai, these tables are seen in different events, mostly in circus to bring out something new to keep the people engaged in the event. During break time or so, these women serve people through walking towards them with a table wrapped around and amuse them by their smiles along with serving food or drinks.

The trend of walking table started in order to something new and different from all the other places. There’s nothing more attractive than a women who is dressed beautifully and this walking table is a representation of a kind of art which portrays not only a good-looking woman but a good-looking woman that serves you with a table around her.

A place like Dubai, where entertainment is fantastically portrayed, something like a walking table just fits. It’s a good way to serve something along with a little touch of eye pleasing beauty. If you want to get entertained along with getting food served then the walking tables show in Dubai by Gulf Entertainers is a must watch !